Two camera lovers visit a tribal village to capture natural beauty and tribal lives, and accidentally saw a strange incident happened in front of them. There were confused to recognise whether it was love or hate. Perception makes one to see the layered truth. Love continues to flow irrespective of recognition.

বিভ্রান্ত এমএমএস - Embarrassed MMS

A suspense thriller movie becomes unconditional love story when love at first sight happens. They came to short film production companies drama audition after reading advertisement of acting casting calls online...

আদি দ্বন্দ্ব : The Cracked Eggs

A Bengali short movie on gay law of Section 377 IPC. Story based on the SC verdict on 12 dec 2013 when Indian Supreme Court declared homosexuality a crime. Journey of an emotion...

evil love - The beginning

A psychological thriller short film on platonic love. Sandy's love becomes complicated when he unintentionally gets to know a lot about his boss...

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বৃষ্টি ভেজা রাস্তা - RAIN-SOAKED ROAD

Another take on love. Memory haunts you. You become hesitant, whether to dig past or to continue towards future. A poetical short film on love, romance, nostalgia...

আরো গভীরে - Deep Indside

An experimental abstract award winning short film on mother-son relation. Dedicated to all parents who lost their child. This story is based on a true incident. When friendship can leads to sacrifice of life, but...

Joom Joom Joom

JOOM JOOM JOOM - Child Sexual Abuse awareness education video. How to teach child about sexual abuse. A musical education video to make children aware of abusive acts.

Clock Anti-Clock

An award winning si-fi silent short film on time travel.

एक चुटकी सिन्दूर

A silent expression of a love. A short. A solo presentation of an unsuccessful sad romantic story between a Hindu boy and Muslim girl.

मगर प्यार से

Magar Pyar Se - a psychological horror film on animal rights vs humanity. What if your life is at a stake and you see death nearing you. A time when one pray for dying. A person goes through a traumatic psychological journey...

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আরেকটা ব্যস্ত দিন - Another Busy Day

Life keeps running, we automatically become part of the rat race. We continue racing aimlessly. On the other hand, kids get busy in funny pointless activities which are meaningful in their lives...

অপেক্ষা - The Waiting

Based on a true story. A son continues for his father's return while his mother struggles to find the truth. What happens to the 11 years old kid when he receives a bicycle as his birthday gift and a letter from father...

Laughing Buddha

Can an idol change the fate of a mother? What was written in daughter's chits? Why did she tear off the divorce paper? Many questions, one story. Story of hope and love.

SN Films | Learn to Make videos near West Bengal in Hooghly. We produce Bengali, Hindi, English movies and short films,

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