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Hindi short film

मगर प्यार से (Magar Pyar Se)

A psychological suspense thriller.

Written & directed by Sanjib Nath





Pulak is comfortably lying down on his bed wearing bermuda  and  loose vast,  enjoying his late morning weekend sleep. He is having a good dream.  He is smiling in his dream. He smiles and turns facing up from the side.  His  right foot now hangs outside from his bed.

We see objects in the room  -  TV,  Mirror,  Door,  window,  Curtain,  darkness  under the TV stand  and  bed,  gap below the door,  stand  still fan,  darkness  above  the almirah, eyes of a suspicious doll.

He feels someone touches his right foot. He opens his eyes to look around. He sees TV, Mirror, Door, window, Curtain, and again goes to deep sleep.

His right leg is visible with the background of the slightly moving window curtains. Is there something to comeout from the gap of two curtains! We go closer to the curtain gap keeping Pulak’s right leg in attention. Pulak’s right foot moves a bit and suddenly Pulak gets up. His face covers the curtains. He gets scared not seeing anyone around after getting up.

He quickly looks below his bed with no luck. This makes him more scared and forces him to come to the door and the door opens it up automatically (roof view).

His eyes get wide open after opening the door and looking outside.  He sees the ghat of a pond  and  hears a young  boy’s  panting and crying coming from the  pond  ghat.

He pushed out of the door by someone and the door automatically gets closed.


Pulak carefully follows the voice and reaches near the pond ghat. While coming towards the pond he feels someone to follow him from his back and about to touch him. However he doesn’t find anyone looking back for couple of times.

He sees the dark cloudy sky from the dense branches of the trees. He sees the moon almost covered by the shadow. He heards the sound of the scary air passes through the leaves of the trees. He hides behind a tree and gets horrified seeing a boy tries to run away from the middle of the pond. Something pulls him under the water, he tries to get off and goes under water after few failed efforts.

He finds other dead or half alive men and women, man lying upper body under water, Cut hands, legs, open stomach and other human body parts are lying on the bank of the pond. One fish bites on the chest flesh of the man with half body under water and his lower body slightly responses in pain of bite.

Pulak carefully bents, put his head intot he pond water and looks down to see under water. He sees the young boy is caught by a huge fish with is fish-scaled big big hands and cutting his hands, like cutting fish’s fins and scales, under the water using a large size ‘boti’. Some other man and woman with cut hands are lying on the ground of the pond under water, and they are moving in pain and breathing trouble. Other fishes are waiting to eat pieces of their bodies.

He gets up once he needs air to breat and suddenly a fish pushes Pulak from the back and he falls down in the pond from its high bank. He tries to shout for help, but his voice doesn’t come out louder. He rolls and moves in the pond in tremendous pain. A big fish comes to him opening its mouth and bits his neck suddenly (bits on the camera lense). His mouth speaks out without sound.




Don't torture me anymore!


Pulak’s body moves in helpless way in a very dark place. Slowly in clear focus and slightly more light, Pulak is visible on his bed moving around in his dream. His mother asks Pulak to get up and go to fish market.

Wake up Pulak.

Won't get live fish if you delay further.


Pulak stands in front of a fisherman who is selling him fresh living fishes after cleaning and cutting the living fishes.

Fishes are alive and he is cleaning scales and fins. Fishes are rolling and moving in pain on fisherman’s hand and on the plate.

Pulak looks for a while and speaks up in a loud and clear voice.


Why are you torturing them?

First kill them, after that you do the cleaning and cutting.

Fisherman looks at him, lower down his eyes in agreement and starts cutting the heads of each fish before cleaning.

43 comments on “MAGAR PYAR SE

  1. Ajker question: Pulak carefully follows the voice and reaches near the pond ghat , why he carefully follows the voice & what does the reason.??

    1. We see object in the room.Tv mirror.door.window.curtain.darkness under the tv stand and below the door.stand still fan darkness above the almirah eyes of a suspicious doll.

    2. We see objects in the room. TV mirror. door.window. curtain. Darkness. Under the TV stands and bed .gap below the door. Stand still fan darkness above the almirah eyes of a suspicious doll.

    3. We see TV,Mirror,Door,window,Curtain,darkness under the TV stand & bed, stand still fan ,darkness above Almirah etc .

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