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Short film

Clock Anti-Clock

A sci-fi award winning silent film on time travel.

Written & directed by Deepak Sharma




This film is about the perception of time! Listed in 100 short online time travel films.

It's all about time. Time travel theory, time travel back to the past, time travel back to the future, time travel guy meets himself.

Our lives, knowingly or unknowingly, sometimes get stuck in some timeframe because of some object,  incident  or  desire.  We cannot  come out from  that loop  without identifying the reason.  So happened with our protagonist. He gets stuck in an infinite loop of timeframe because of a spectacle...

19 comments on “CLOCK ANTI-CLOCK

  1. “I’m gonna hold you in my arms tight ” – ei gan ti jokhon hochhilo ,ghori te Kota bejechilo ??

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