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Bengali short film

অপেক্ষা Opekkha (The Waiting)

Based on a true story.

Written by Manoz Das

Directed by Sanjib Nath




Nabin's father,  Swapan,  goes to city to earn money to provide a better life for family. Nabin,  his mother  and  grandmother are clueless about the return of Swapan.  They keep receiving money, birthday gift from an unknown peon. Nabin's mother becomes suspicious about the peon without finding  a single letter in any of the parcels sent by Swapan.  Nabin waits for his father's return when his mother finds  the peon  to know the truth.

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  1. নবীনের বাবার নাম স্বপন। তিনি আকস্মিকভাবে দুর্ঘটনায় মারা যান।

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