Production House
SN FILMS is a production house to deliver moving and still images with offices in Kolkata and Chandannagar. Founded by actor director Mr. Sanjib Nath in 2014. We produce feature, short, ad, documentary films, music videos, web series and recitations in Bengali, Hindi and English. SN FILMS is the first ever website streaming movies and web series with screenplays.
Performing Arts

SNFPA (SN FILMS Performing Arts) is an institute to provide international standard film making, editing, dance, script writing, acting classes and personality development workshops having centres at Chandannagar and in Kolkata . Improvisation techniques are used in our film making and acting school for film and TV projects.

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SNFilms produces feature, short, ad films, web series and music videos. We do provide video editing, audio recording and shooting facilities near Hooghly, Bardhaman, Howrah, Kolkata and 24 Parganas localities.

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বউ-দি (Bou-Di) : The Cracked Eggs

FINAL Chapter : It is about the journey of dirty mind and emotion. The story of a psychologically corrupted young doctor and the house owner boudi (bhabi) ie sister in law. Innocence had to go through a rough test.


Two camera lovers visit a tribal village to capture natural beauty and tribal lives, and accidentally saw a strange incident happened in front of them. There were confused to recognise whether it was love or hate.

Khachar Bhitor Ochin Pakhi

খাঁচার ভিতর অচিন পাখি - A musical presentation of more than 200 years old great Bengali philosopher Lalon Shah's folk song with the help of video footage of legendary director Terrence Malick's Palme d'Or award winner and oscar nominated film: The tree of life.


শত্রু (The Enemy) - Know The Enemy of You and Your Mother | Happy Mother's Day. Respect, love and care are what needed for mothers. Let's promise to make our mothers happy, today and everyday.

Origami - Birthday Gifts

Handicrafts making video - featuring Debjani Chattopadhyay.

The Jacket

Story of the ordinary man who designed an extraordinary army jacket.

If you are looking for acting school near me or singing school in hooghly or film making institution or recitation or share trading school at chandannagar Hooghly , then SN FILMS is the best film institute and production house with value for money education and best opportunities.

episode 1

Bengali web series FAMILY. Very first episode - বউ (The wife).

Health & Fitness

Check out our health & fitness tips along with information about various diseases.


কানামাছি (Kanamachi) - Survival Challenge | Corona awareness game.

SN Films Performing Arts - join acting, singing,tation and spoken english classes for international standard classes in Chandannagar (Hooghly) and Jadavpur (K

Sanjib Nath


Debasmita Chattopadhyay


Priyanka Shaw


Priyanka Shaw

Tutan Purkait


Tutan Purkait acting student

Santu Hela


Santu hela - snfilms team member

Arabinda Chatterjee


Subho Mondal


Rajib Nath


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