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Bengali short film

বিভ্রান্ত এমএমএস (Embarrassed MMS)

Embarrassed MMS is a terromantic film - romance is knotted with terror.

Written & directed by Sanjib Nath

It is a short love story depicting unconditional love meaning what? A terror story becomes unconditional love when love at first sight happens. They came to short film production companies drama audition after reading advertisement of acting casting calls online. Michael looked for production house near me and applied for casting auditions. He found her in the film production house. It was love at first sight. He started day dreaming about her after seeing her entering in the office. His marriage phobia vanishes immediately after seeing her. However seeing her name on the register book creates fear psychology in him. His terror about her name increases when he found her vanished after coming out of the casting audition. What next? How does Michael overcoming fear ...





Michael appears from the opened entrance of the production house office and looks at his watch. He pips his head in to look around till he finds the receptionist on his right towards the entering corner window. On the other side of the room, another young man is waiting occupying a chair. Michael confidently approaches to the receptionist and shows him biodata and email print out of a poem. He takes only the biodata from him and looks at the paper. He smiles and asks him...


Mr. Michael...


Yes, Ami...

Ete haasir Ki achhe?



He passes a strange look and asks him to wait. He enters into the nearby glass door main office chamber and closes the door. Michael looks around and finds the young man about his age is sitting on the other side of the waiting hall. He looks around to see the big room. Receptionist comes out empty hand from the main office chamber and asks him to sit in the waiting area.

Michael smiles and walks towards the seating area. He passes a smile to the young man, but receives back a cold look with a doubtful stare from him. Michael sits on a chair kept far away from that man. He looks at the receptionist to find him reading a magazine and then turns towards the other man to get the same cold stare. He, with reflex, almost immediately turns his eyes towards the window. He, then, without any specific intention touches his side bag, opens a zip and closes.

He looks towards the main entrance door and finds a beautify face pips in. He continues watching her activities. She enters inside and walks towards the receptionist. She keeps her bag on the floor carefully and opens her purse. She hands over her documents to the receptionist and waits for him to come back from the main office chamber.

She looks around and looks towards Michael. With an unprepared look, he takes his look back to somewhere else and quickly closes his wide open mouth. Michael finds the other man quietly sitting on his chair looking towards the wall. Receptionist comes out and says something to her pointing towards Michael and sits back on his chair.

Young lady takes her bag from the floor, slowly walks towards the waiting area and sits near Michael leaving one chair empty. She carefully keeps her bag on the floor in between Michael and her. She closes her bag and keeps the purse on her lap. She looks at the young man when he’s looking towards the wall, and then she looks at Michael. Michael, with his pupil corner, notices her to watch him and continues looking at the window as if he is not aware of her look.

Takiye ekta smile merei dii.
Nah thak, r ektu pore.
Hmmm....Ami married.
To Ki hoyechhe, takiye ekta romantic smile sudhu. Bhar me gaya juktamukhi...

She looks at the receptionist and looks back to him. He immediately makes eye contact and quickly looks back towards the window. She passes a mild warm smile to him and leans towards him to talk. He turns back to her and continues conversing.

Hello! Me?

Oh... Hi. Apni?

Michael... Hmmm!

Ete haasar Ki holo? What! Maane?

Ami to just...

No, no, maane,

Sorry... That, that, smile!

Eta Ki apnar janmo maas? Keno? Yes!


You see, amar next month! Bujhlam na! Dekhun na, Ami haaste Pari. R apni...

You mean to say, jader ai maase janmo Tara sab dumbo and serious type?

Nope! I just meant, haasi ta swasther pokhye haanikarok noy!

you see, amio haaste pari. Sango gun r Ki...

Hmm... that’s better. Apnake ekdom tensed lagchhe na! Cool, huh?

No no, I have enough time to start looking tensed!

Audition er kobita prepared?

Kobita? Oh, joking...

No no, I'm serious.Dekhun, tension deben na.

I look very bad in tension...

Seriously... Keno, Last night apnake pathay in?

What? Ki? Ami to monolog er script ta peyechhilam...

Yeah, it was.
Ota change kore kobita ta pathiyechhilo...


She starts panicking. In the mean time the receptionist calls the other man to enter into the main office chamber. He looks at the lady and weirdly asks her about deodorant.

Girl and Michael both wonders with a ‘what’. He chooses to look at her and replies back ignoring Michael.


Apnar kachhe deodorant achhe?



Sorry... Asole night travel Kore soja esechhi ekhane.

Fresh hote parini...
So... bujhtei parchhen...


She opens her purse without any melodrama and takes out a tiny perfume bottle. He gives her back the perfume bottle after using it. Michael wonders seeing the activity. The man follows the receptionist and slowly enters into the chamber after receptionist opens the door for him. Receptionist goes back to her seat. The eyes of Michael and the lady follow the man and receptionist to understand the complete process and resume their conversation.


Eibar Ami tensed.

Hmmm... Amio.

You? Why?

Why? That guy!

Ure ese jure boslo... Tao kina deo r jonye!!

No no, Ami tensed kobitar jonye! U r not joking, right?

aare na. Check your email...

Ekhon? Amar internet data cholchhe na!

Amar ta cholchhe!


I mean, amar mobile e check korte paren!

oh, thank you. please...

Of course.

She shows extra affection to him and hops into the chair adjacent to him and starts talking to him almost leaning on his shoulder. Michael also tries his level best to enjoy the touch of her body and hair while working with her to login to her account and checks her email. He holds his mobile on this palm and asks her to type the login password. She takes support of his arm to type the credential on his fancy android mobile phone.

He makes fun of her showing fat for her email ID! They keep talking and continue checking emails for downloading the poem pdf file. They keep smiling and methodically step by step get closer to each other. He starts day dreaming about getting closed in relation with her and singing a Bengali and Hindi mixed song with famous Rabindra sangeet 'mayabano biharini harini'.



Maya maya maya maya maya maya maya

Maya maya teri maya...

Dil bhi tera, dhadkan bhi teri

Pyar bhi tera, yaaden bhi teri

Teri maya.. teri maya...


Maya maya maya maya maya maya maya

Maya maya maya...

Maya bano biharini horini

Gahano swapono sancharini

Keno tare dhoribare kori pan

Akaran, Maya bano biharini...

Maya maya maya maya maya maya maya

Maya maya maya maya...

Maya maya maya maya maya maya maya

Maya maya maya maya...


Ek pa ek pa

Katha bolle

Dui pa dui pa

Sathe cholle

Tumi je tumi je amari akashe alo jwalle

tumi jwalle


Ek pa ek pa

Tumi chaile

Dui pa dui pa

Tumi hassle

Tumi je tumi je amari batase sughran aanle

tumi anle


Ek pa ek pa

Hate hat Tumi rakhle

Dui pa dui pa

Kandhe kandh

Tumi choyale

Tumi je tumi je amari monete praner aabeg ogo dhaalle

tumi dhalle

Tumi je tumi je amari monete bhalobasar dheu tulle

ogo tumi tulle


Ek pa ek pa

Maya maya maya maya maya maya maya

Maya maya maya maya...

Dui pa dui pa

Maya maya maya maya maya maya maya

Maya maya maya...

Maya bano biharini horini

Gahano swapono sancharini

Keno tare dhoribare kori pan

Akaran, Maya bano biharini...

Maya maya maya maya maya maya may

Maya maya teri maya...


Jaan bhi tera, Jahan bhi teri Ishaq bhi tera,

shaanse bhi teri Teri maya.. teri maya...


She starts laughing and pushes him with her hands and side of the arm. Michael smiles with shy and discomfort. Once he untruthfully shows her that her elbow push hurts him how much and starts laughing at her after she takes his expression seriously. In between she continues reading the poem for audition preparation on his stylish gorilla screen android mobile.

She was looking for drinking water. He requests her in style to relax as a princess and let him do the work. She smiles nicely and sits back on chair as a princess and fakely orders him to get her a glass of water. He goes to the water jar and gets a glass of water for her and plays with the water glass. He sips in the glass when she was about to snatch the glass. Surprisingly she takes the water and drinks rest of the easter from the same glass. He throws the glass in the dustbin with style, but it falls outside of the waste bin, he goes and drops the glass properly and sits next to her and continues chatting with her with extra attention. He explains her about his name and shows anger and frustration about other people. She also continues laughing and chatting with him in an over friendly manner.

Ha..ha..ha.. MMS?

Don’t laugh. Hello Mr. MMS.

It’s so embarrassing!

Michael Madhusudan Samaddar. M-M-S. Not bad.

Not bad?

Jekhanei jaai, bandhu shotru sab suru hoye jaay...
MMS ese gechhe, MMS ese gechhe!
Chhoto belay to shala naam likhte likhtei porikhya ses hoye jeto!

This is too much!

Seriously, chhotto ekta aituku bachcha, R aisa baro ekta naam!


It’s not funny.
Ohh, sei jonye tumi takhon amar haasi dekhe khepe gechhile!

I know... Receptionist tao haaschhilo...

...Mr. MMS Ha..ha..ha..

Stop it.

Embarrassed MMS looks at her with an un-smart smile! In the meantime, Receptionist comes towards them and asks her to come to the counter. She follows the receptionist and explains him pointing towards Michael. Then she comes back to him and asks for his mobile. Michael enthusiastically takes out his mobile, opens her email login web page and gives her. She goes back to the receptionist and shows her the email confirmation in the mobile and comes back to him.

While opening and giving her his mobile, he didn’t notice it well. But as soon she takes the mobile and walks towards the receptionist, his mind notices what he just read on his mobile screen. Yes, he can clearly see now the name his mind registered in brain from the email web page “Fatema Khatun”.

He could not stop himself from going towards the receptionist and smartly checks her biodata printed her name “Ms Fatema Khatun”. He keeps a fake smile on his face and comes back with her towards the waiting area.

He continues keeping a smiling face with no Enthusiast and no willingness for chatting. She, however, keeps talking to him as previously.

Thank you.

No problem at all.

Seriously, amake chinte na, jante na, taao etota help korle!

Hey, don’t be so formal.

Hmmm... ai, dekho, I got MMS.

Ke pathalo? Dekhao...

Ami bolchhi, I got you Mr. MMS. He..he..he..

Both laugh out loud and almost immediately stop the laughing sound looking around and continue lauging silently. His laugh was fake and fearful.

In the mean time, the other young man comes out of the chamber, then he stares at the girl once and goes out of the room. Michael notices his staring and her cold look towards the man. He almost confirms in his mind about the terrorist connection of Ms Fatema and frightened himself more thinking about the consequences.

During their conversation, receptionist calls her to enter into the chamber. She smiles to him, keeps her bag and purse with him and walks towards the chamber door. He holds a fake smile on his face and continues looking at her. His mind however doesn’t allow him to appreciate her beauty and rather thinking the flash back incidents just happened with him. He continues thinking and getting afraid of looking at the wall mounted big LCD TV.


  • her entering and looking at him
  • eye contact with the other man
  • deo incident
  • her extra interest for him
  • her interest of keeping her bag with him
  • her closeness while talking
  • hopping in to the adjacent chair
  • opening her email in his mobile
  • her email ID -> Fatema@Terrorist.Pakistan.Community
  • showing off taking his mobile to the receptionist
  • running news about female muslim terrorist on TV
  • wanted muslim terrorist escaped from jail in paper


After a while she comes out, pushes his shoulder to awaken him from deep thinking and passes a sweet smile to him and sits beside him. He, with much hope, wants to give her bag back.


So, this is it! Ai tomar bag! And, of course, see you around.

Hey hey, amake bye bolar jonye eto Tara keno tomar?

Nothing like that, You must be getting late.

Not really!
Tumi audition diye eso, ami wait korchhi...

Are you sure? Kaj thakle beriye jete paro.

Maane, tumi Chao na Ami wait kori, tai to?

No no, ta noy...
Receptionist asks him to go inside. However she insists him to

get inside and confirms him that she’ll wait for him.

Tahole? No chinta, tomar bag niye kete parbo na!
R amar email address thaklo na tomar kachhe mortgage? Ota dhorlei sab peye jaabe!
jaao. Al the best...

He goes inside with much more fear and doubt about her. He comes out of the audition room and finds her no where in the room. Receptionist confirms that she went out immediately after he entered inside.


Hya, Fatema to apni bhetore jabar songe songei beriye gelo.

Bollo je bag gulo apni beriye niye neben.


He sits on the chair and drinks water with complete mind confirmation about Fatema’s terrorist connection. He sits back for a while on the chair, checks his bag and then decides to open her bag and check. He was almost sure to discover pistol and rdx from her bag. His mind resonates her last word about email address.

He starts sweating in tension. He tries to leave the place keeping her bag there, but unable to run away from the eyes of the receptionist. He knows he’s in deep trouble now and sweats like hell without a word saying.



Fatema shakes him touching his arms and wipes his forehead sweat. She asks him if he is feeling sick! He wipes his face with his handkerchief and smiles with a relief sigh. They take their bags and go out of the room.

She takes out two egg-rolls from her purse and offers one to him while walking with him on the nice exit way of the office. They start eating and continue walking while chatting. He laughs along with her innocently and hesitatingly puts her left hand towards her left side almost touching her shoulder back. She smiles and pulls his hand to keep on her shoulder. They continue romancing while walking...

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