SAYANI | জলপরী – The Naiad

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Documentary Movie

জলপরী - The Naiad

Directed & Produced by Sanjib Nath

Featuring - Sayani Das

Special Thanks - Debasmita Chattopadhyay, Deepak Sharma, Sandip Ghosh, Radhashyam Das

Presented by SN FILMS

A film capturing the struggle and passionate journey of the open water swimmer Sayani Das. Story continues with the unique experiences and overcoming obstacles of her journey towards concurring dangerous oceans.

The untold story of Indian #OpenWaterSwimmer Sayani Das | Full Move - Releasing on Maha Durga Saptami. Watch her struggle and success with the journeys pf #EnglishChannel and #CatalinaChannel and her dream of #OceanSevenChallenge

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