web series FAMILY

episode 9

দৈন্যের গর্ব (Pride of the poor) - web series final episode. Do you know that he knows you don't know? Michael is sitting on bed holding his mobile in hand  and browsing something in it. Juktamukhi is applying bed time cream...

episode 8

নামে কিবা কাম (What's in a name) - An over confident dating! Hero is sitting in a river side  romantic place. It's a play ground but mostly used for romantic couples. He's sitting on the ground holding a packet of nuts in his hand.

episode 7

নতুন করে শুরু (A fresh beginning) - Do you get acidity in chocolate over vanilla flavour ? Juktamukhi is sitting on a riverside park chair. Michael comes to her with a big smile holding two ice creams  in his hands.

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episode 6

তুমি বলবে, আমি শুনবো (You say, I'll listen) - An occupied toilet and the smoking girl ! Hero, Chanakya and Ram are getting ready to start their day. Ram is already dressed up for his college.  Hero, wearing a towel...

episode 5

নামের ব্যাখ্যা (The naming convention) - MMS and anger management. Michael and Juktamukhi both are sitting in their drawing room. Michael, little down in health because...

episode 4

নিরুদ্দিষ্ট শকট (The missing car) - Don't keep your car key in the shirt pocket ! Michael starts finding all of his pockets and inner for the car key without even speaking a single word.

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episode 3

মাতাল বর (The drunken husband) - Every drunk husband has a story for his wife! Juktamukhi thinks for few seconds about her brother Parash’s statement of some operation...

episode 2

দিদি (The sister) - His love story becomes complicated just because she yawns a lot. He enters inside the room and finds his elder sister sitting in front of the dressing table mirror...

episode 1

বউ (The wife) - Starting with a romantic song doesn't mean a happy ending! Man trying to lip kiss a lady holding her head with his left hand...


FAMILY : web series | introduction.

A production house and few creepers are in search of the answer, what is family?

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