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Share Trading Course at SNFPA - Start making money - WFH
Earn When You Learn - share trading course - snfpa
share market - intraday trading - snfpa - training course
Happy Vishwakarma Puja - with share trading instrument
share trading - student's one day profit - snfpa
Online/Classroom Share Trading Training
Online/Classroom Share Trading Training
Stock Market Trading Course - snfpa | sn films

Most modern instrument available in today's business techniques is the Stock Market Share.

শেয়ার ট্রেডিং ক্লাস / Course structure :-

  • Candle stick, EMA, MACD, Pivot, Price Action
  • Trading psychology and strategy
  • Theory & Practice to be a successful trader
  • Open DEMAT account
  • 1 month class with 2 months support

Trainer: Sanjib Nath

Available both online/classroom training.

Contact: +91 905 135 5050 or Submit the application form at the bottom of this page.


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