Jamun (Black Plum)

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Jamun - black plum - nutrient fruit - antioxidant

Jamun is also known as Black Plum. It's an Indian summer fruit. It is very rich in calcium, folic acid, carotene and other nutrients. It is antioxidant. It helps to increase haemoglobin and protects teeth, gums, skin and fights against cancer, diabetes and infections.

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9 comments on “Jamun (Black Plum)

    1. Black plum helps to increase haemoglobin.
      It helps to protect teeth ,gums,skin and fights against cancer , diabetes and infections.

    2. Black plum helps to Increase haemoglobin..
      It help to protects teeth,gums, skin and fights
      Cancer diabetes and infections…

    3. Black plum helps to increase haemoglobin .it help to protect teeth,gums ,skins & fight against cancer, diabetes , infection..

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