বউ-দি (Bou-Di) : The Cracked Eggs

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Bengali Feature Film

বউ-দি (Bou-Di) : The Cracked Eggs

Written, directed and produced by SANJIB NATH

FINAL Chapter: Story of dirty mind vs emotion

Vikas starts his train journey to a village for his posting of job for a doctor.


Several scenes with Vikas to represent his life style and character (along with the first song).

  1. Sleeping in a lavish bed

  2. Late night party

  3. Flirting with girl friends

  4. Hanging with friends in nice restaurants

  5. Busy with his mobile calls

  6. Surfing internet in laptop

  7. Surfing internet in his mobile

  8. Walking with different girls in different places

  9. Intimate relations with different girls


Vikas takes out paper from a rolled toilet paper container. He tears a feet long paper, folds it half way and keeps it on something. He repeats it four times. Then he happily looks at the toilet. Relatively moving rail line and small stones are visible from the open end of the toilet. Vikas sees the covered toilet seat and comfortably sits on it. He feels the jerking and slowly moves on the toilet seat along with the running train. Train keeps running at full speed in the early morning.


Vikas gets down from the train to a village station with his luggage and a big suitcase. He sees the station name written on a board in a local language unknown to him. He searches and finds the English version on the main board – DHARMA PALLI STATION. He gets down from the train.

He comes near the gate of the station to enter into the village. He has to show his ID proof and the invitation letter in village authority (panchayet) letterhead and answer couple of questions to get approval to enter into the village. He comes out from the main gate of the station with great difficulty holding his baggage.

While entering inside of the village boundary, he noticed one old man sitting at the end of the platform inside the village boundary. He looks like a bit mad. By seeing him, it’s easy to make out that he has no way to go anywhere, and he is having a pathetic life. He suddenly becomes sad and helpless. He starts panicking and feeling pain below his abdomen. He holds tightly a branch of a tree and moves his thighs in pain. He puts his head on the tree and tries to control his pain by spreading his thighs. After a while he moves out of that place and sits on the place where he was sitting early. Vikas realizes that he came near the tree to urinate. Vikas surprisingly notices that not even a single person is paying attention to that old man.

He comes near to the rickshaws which are standing out of the main gate, and starts asking for the ride. He is unable to talk to them because they don’t understand English.

Vikas finds a lonely driver on the other side of the gate. The driver tilted his rickshaw taking support from a broken wall and rotating the paddle by his left hand. His right hand is touching the centre of the rickshaw wheel. From far end it looks like a chakra rotating on his right hand (like sudarshan chakra in lord Krishna’s hand).

He reaches to the rickshaw driver and asks in broken English (assuming he won’t understand the language like other drivers) whether he is willing to take him to Shivaraj’s house.



Dharma-palli, Shibraj’dar bari!



Shibu-da’r bari?

Apnar gantabyo!

Nischay niye jaabo!




The driver smiles and makes his vehicle ready to start. He takes Vikas’s luggage and properly keeps them in the vehicle. He requests Vikas to sit on the rickshaw in between the luggage.

Vikas somehow manages to sit on the rickshaw along with his luggage. The uncomforting situation is visible on his face. Driver understands it, smiles quietly and starts his rickshaw.


Vikas starts his journey in the rickshaw towards his paying guest house. Vikas is uncomfortably sitting on the trolley rickshaw with his laptop bag, water bottle along with his big suitcase and another couple of luggage.

The rickshaw is slowly moving on the typical village road leaving beautiful scenes on both sides of the road. However Vikas’s attention doesn’t grab the beauties of:

  1. Rice field

  2. Cultivation of paan leaves

  3. plants

  4. Ponds

  5. temples

  6. huts

  7. Kids playing on the yard in the sunny afternoon

  8. Pottery making

  9. Idol making with mud and bamboos


His corrupted mind can only be focussed on the scenes:

  1. Women cleaning utensils with mud in small pond

  2. Lady walking after bath

  3. Young girls playing on ground


Vikas is trying to get through his friend, Swajal, in his mobile whenever his eyes are not getting feasted by village girls’ beauty. Vikas is getting impatient by the poor network connection of his mobile tower, but he is becoming more irritated by the jerking of the rickshaw due the poor and pathetic road condition. He is way more irritated because of Swajal for not receiving his calls. After a while Swajal receives the call.


Wat the hell?

Thakis kothay?


Aare baba, snan korte gechhilam.


Snan korei sab rog dhuye phelli naaki?

Eke to ai network-er aboshtha,

Tar opor tor ek-ghantaa dhore rajokiyo snan!


Rajokiyo noy chadu,

Pukur-e gechhilam dubki lagate!


tui? Pukure?

I cannot imagine, tui pukure,

Aaro pach-jon-er songe snan korchhis!


ghaam, pechhap,

Washing, cleaning,

kalo kalo nongra lok,

women with monthly instalment,

Haas-murgi, goru-bachhur, kukur-chhagol,



You’ve gone crazy!


Na re, atotao baaje noy.

It’s pretty decent.

And fun too!


Wat fun?

Gaaon ki gori, hya?

Oh, this fuckin network!

Hello, hello…



Gram-e amra oto mobile-er dhar dhari na.

Kachhe hole mukho-mukhi kotha,

Dur hole post-card.

Aar khub dorkar-e phone!

VIKAS (continue trying his mobile)

Hmmm, Ai ja network,

Mobile-er dhaar dhereo labh nei!

Technology manush-ke kato kachhe ene diyechhe,

Aar gram-gulo sei sujog bhog kortei parchhe na!

Government-o semni.


Jar songe kotha bolchhile…

VIKAS (after connecting in his mobile)


Thakis ki kore ekhane?

TV-phibi chole to?


Hath-gune ka’ekta barite!

Kintu, cable-er asa koris na,

Only national channel.


Don’t tell me.

Then I’m dead meat!

Hospital-er par, koris ki?


Radio, tape recorder.

It’s a different life.

Believe me, it’s actually cool.


Cool na chul?

Aar jhant jalas na.

Sara din koris ki?

Don’t say you see patients, day and night.


No, not at all.

Tui-o enjoy korte sikhe jaabi…

The village life.

Aar dharma-palli special, theatre!



Maane, shes-mes Jatra dekhte hobe,

Maathe bose?

Hello, hello,

Dhut-teri... abar gelo.


Ke go?

Apnar bondhu naki?


Hya, Swajal.


Ke Swajal?

amader dactar-babu?


Chinis naaki?


Ami sobbai-ke chini!

Swajal’da to pasher geram-er chhele.

Koilkata theke dactari paas diye elo!

Ai to gato saptahe,

Nabopalli-r bhaanu-thakurer choto chele,

Ek maas dhore jar namei na,

Apnar bondhu-i to dekhlo!


Keno, nabopalli-te doctor nei?


Ache na, sorkari jomer basa.

Ekbar dhukle pran niye berono muskil!

Ashe-pasher geramer sobai to ekhan-ei aase.


Ek gram periye onyo gram-e?


Sikhya, chikitsa - ai duyer jonye

Ashe-pashe-r geram ki go,

Dash kosh dur-er thekeo lok ekhanei aase.

Anumoti-pattor baaniye!

Kaar karmo kake kothay niye jay

Ke jaane!

Ai dekhen apni…


Karmo, hya?

Tui to dekhchhi spiritual?


Abhri paath leads tu mi!

He he, bujhlen kina…

VIKAS (after getting connected)


What a fantastic place!

Pujo-tujo koris naaki?




Network-er jonye?




Don’t laugh!

I’m pissed off…



Modham gramer dike ekta tower ache,

Oi diye aar koto hobe!


Dharmapalli-te ato mobile-er use nei.

Aar, ediker ja abostha,

Network theke medical facility-r dorkar beshi.

Toder oi chotto ekta haspatal,

Aar kato-gulo gram-er prayojon metabe bal?


Tui to dhokar aagei

amake bhoy dekhachhis!


Na re, bhoy noy!

Etai reality.

tui to Monday join korchhis,




Eke to eto reference, interview, permission,

Kato kichhu kore ai gram-e thakar ‘VISA’ pelam,


Hello… Hey, hey?



Apnar dhoirjyo baddo kam!


Hya jaani.

This network…

Emni-tei gram gulor abosthya khub kharap.

sab corruption-er phal!

Businessman to Government official,

sabbai corrupted!

Sorry, kichhu bolchhili tui...




Apni-o to Koraapted!


Jiboner kono na kono khetre,

Kono na kono moho-te,

Kono na kono chahida-te,


Tai na?

Gita-ay Krishna bhagoban bolechhen…


Jani, jani…

Bhagvat Gita?

Karmo karo phal-er asa koro na; tai to?

It’s all non-sense!

Expectation chhara

Kono kaaj korte manush motivated hobe ki kore?

It’s just all big big spiritual talks,

Bastabe practical noy!


Dhormer kotha bastabe kothin noy,

Barong, khubi sahoj!

Karmer phal sabai-ke bhugte hoy.

Tai amader chinta-bhabna swartho-heen howya uchit.

Amra jai kori na keno,

Seta bhagobaner uddeshye samorpito howya uchit.

Byekti swarthe noy!


Tham to, tham!

Rickshaw driver stops the vehicle and gets down to the road from his rickshaw driver seat. He looks towards Vikas.

VIKAS (smile)

Na na, oi tham noy,


gyan thamate bolchhilam.

Kotha theke sikhli eto bhari bhari dialog?

Achha thikachhe,

Ekta kotha bal, Mahabharata-e,

Pandava-ra Kauravas-der songe judhyo karlo,

Nijer relative-der songe,

Protishodher jonye,

Samrajyer jonye, right?

Eta swartho-parota chhilo na?


Na na, ta noy,

Judho chhilo dharmer jonye.

Aar Mahabharata-er galpo akhyorik noy!

Mahabharat aasole antor-dwand-er kotha,

Judhyo manush-er moner bhalo aar monder,

Lorai bhitorer,

Lorai Bibeker!

Judhyo ekta sikhyar jonyo.

Kibhabe nijer bhetorer ku-take marte hobe,

Kibhabe swartho-take chharte hobe,

Kibhabe su-take jagate hobe.

Kibhabe Dharmer sthapona korte hobe…

Amder sakoler ekhane asar ekta uddeshyo ache.

Kichhu abhigyota,

Aar kichhu sikhya!


Eto-tai jakhon bolle,

Takhon etao balo he probhu,

Ami ki uddeshye ekhane esechhi?

Ki obhigyota aar ki sikhyar uddeshye!


Oi je barita dekhchhen,


Shibu’dar bari.

Oi bari-ta, samner ai pukur, ai gram-ta…

Apni dhire dhire sab jante parben,

Apni keno ekhane!

Destiny-i apnake karon janabe,

Aar apni-o apnar destiny-ke janben!

Je path-i apni dhorun na keno,

Pouchhoben tar kachhei.

Kintu Satotar path - sahoj aar taratari.

Somay sab dekhay…


Ohh, finally reached!

Seriously, somay-i sab dekhay.

Kintu tor somay, baro beshi somay nilo re!


Apnake aar ektu dherjyo dhorte hobe,

Ai shoru rastay toli-rickshaw dhukbe na,

Pukur dharer rasta-ta diye ghure aste hobe!


Je dik diye paris ghora.

 (to self)

Taxi-r mato meter-to chorchhe na!

They are entering into a small village. Most of the huts are made of mud and the roof is of mud tiles or dry rice plants. Two village girls are playing ‘kit-kit’ with a small round shaped tiles portion inside the drawn lines on the ground. Vikas’s eyes get attracted towards the elderly girl’s naked legs under her half folded shaari.

Shibraj’s house is better than other surrounding houses. One big mud room with tiles roof and attached another cement room.

Rickshaw-driver stops his vehicle in front of Shibraj’s house. He honks his air horn couple of times. The house boundary is defined by a wall made of small plants and the back side of the house is full of mango, jackfruit, coconut trees. Vikas looks here and there, and then gets down from the rickshaw. He yawns, stretches his hands and legs. Then goes inside with his laptop bag. Rickshaw-driver smiles understanding Vikas’s expectation, and goes inside carrying his suitcase and other luggage.

Shibraj and Tulsi come out hearing the Rickshaw horn. Shibraj is wearing a loose shirt-pant and Tulsi in a decent cotton shaari. Vikas gives an intense look towards Tulsi.



amader daktar’babu’ke niye elam go.

VIKAS (smiles)

Gantobyosthal-e, huh?



SHIBRAJ (smiles)


Welcome Vikas.

Rastay asubidha hoy ni to?

Oi dik-er rastata besh kharap to!

VIKAS (shaking hand)

Na na, Shibraj’da.

Serakom kichhu noy.

Vikas and Shibraj continue chatting, Shibraj talks to Vikas with intimacy. Shibraj introduces the village part by part showing different directions to Vikas.

Rickshaw-driver, after consulting Tulsi, keeps all of Vikas’s suitcase and luggage in the cement room.

During all these activities, Tulsi looks at Vikas couple of times in a doubt and wonder mixed eye. Vikas’s corrupted and dirty eyes don’t miss chance to look at Tulsi’s village beauty for couple of times carefully. They smiles after an eye contact.

Vikas takes out a twenty rupee note from his wallet and give to the Rickshaw-driver after he comes out from the cement room. Rickshaw-driver happily takes the note and leaves.

Shibraj goes to Tulsi and asks her about Vikas’s tiffin.

VIKAS (to driver)

Thank you!

Dorkar hole toke kothay pabo?


Amake shudu smaran korben,

Hazir hoye jaabo.

VIKAS (knotting head)



Ekta kotha boli, daktar babu?

Grame, amra

amna-samni kotha bolei shanti pai.

Tomar bondhur songe to tomar dekhai holo na!

Taholei bolo, phone kothay manush’ke kachhe ene dilo?

Choli go Shibu’da.

Rickshaw-driver leaves the place with a gentle smile. He turns his rickshaw and vanishes from Vikas’s eyes leaving Vikas little bit wondered and doubtful.



Swajal is in Vikas’s room. Both are chatting along with a common friend Tarun connected in mobile phone speaker. Vikas’s mobile phone is being kept carefully on the window shelf with the support of book, pen and a wooden stand made only for this purpose. As per Vikas’s experimental calculation, this particular position catches good network for his mobile!


Tui Jodi dekhti Tarun,

Vikas kibhabe mobile-take rekhechhe.

Se ki angle!!


‘Thank you’ bal re ahesan-pharamosh!

Network-er ja chhiri,

Oi angle-er jonyei

Tarun-ke daat keliye bolte parchhis.

Tobe bole na, bhagoban ekdike maare

to onyo dik diye bhoriye dey…


Careful man,

Kaal theke bhuter mukhe

khub raam naam shunchhi.


Credit goes to the adhyattik sangomkari!



E Ki adjective guru?


Yeah buddy,

adhyattik sangomkari,

Spiritual Fucker!


adhyattik sangomkari?

ha ha ha!


Yeah guys, kalker rickshaw driver!

Kaal station theke bari aste aste,

Amar puro jaliye diyechhe!

Gota rasta…


Unhnnn… topic theke shore jaas na.

Prothome kholosa kar,

Bhagoban Ki diye bhariye dilo!

Akasher Moyna, naki khachar chandona?


Pakhti-takhi chaaro chaadu!

eta dharma-palli.


Tui chup kar Swajal…

Sexy bird, huh?

VIKAS (looking up, indicating God)

Sab-i tar maya bondhu.

I can clearly see my karma,

in village dharma!

Vikas and Tarun start laughing together. Swajal gets little irritated and tries to warn Vikas.


Dekh Vikas,

Eta dharma-palli!

Shahure phultusi-der night club noy, je -

“elam, dekhlam, joy korlam”

– theory diye paar peye jaabe!

Ektu edik odik bujhlei,

Haatir shur khochaat!


Aare baba,

Vikas to theory customize korchhe!

“elam, dekhlam, uhmm… korlam,

Aar tarpor kete porlam”

E theory pakka cholbe…


Daat kelao!

Kintu mone rekho, shur kata Mukku!


Dhur pagla,

Swajal maanei negative energy!

Chele-ta kothay ektu ashar alo dekhchhe…

Aar er modhyei ashubho warning!

Tor dharmo-palli-te bhabao crime naaki?

VIKAS (smiles)

Ki bal to Tarun, it’s actually a crime!

amader adhyattik sangomkari,

the rickshaw-baba,

tar mat-e,

“bhabna naaki ankurito bij-er mato,

Bhobishyote baro brikkhyo-er porinato hote paare.

Karma-te shudu ki korechho ta noy,

Ki bhebechho tao included.”


Holy shit,

Why God, why?

Bhabnay keno tax bosale probhu!

VIKAS (smiles)

Rickshaw-baba se bishay-eo alok-paat korechhen.

Amra jaao kori na keno,

Bhagoban-ke utswargo kore kora uchit.

“amader samosto karmo bhagobaner uddeshye haoya uchit,

Bekti swarthye noy.”

TARUN (smiles)

Oh… tahole no problem.

Pakhi moyna-i hauk ki chandona,

Prothome God-ke utswargo karo,

Tarpor enjoy karo.


But most importantly,

Enjoyment bekti swarthe noy,

bhagobaner uddeshye hote hobe.


Tora dutoi, ekkebare jaali.

Bhagoban-o toder bachate parbe na!

Tui Janis na, Vikas.

Ai gram,

Ekhaner lokjon,

culture, education,

Respect for women.

Tui kichhui Janis na!

Amar kotha kaane dhukchhe na, fine.

Kintu, kaukei jigyes kore nis,

Mukku-r ghatona-ta…


Hey pitamaho bhisyo, tumi saro-sojya-tei thik achho!

bhagobaner mohima tumi Ki bajho!

God amake Mukku-r kotha sayong janaben…


Ekdom sathik somaye…


And you know,

God aamake already help korechhen…


shhh… amra asol topic chhere

onek dure chole esechhi.

Pakhi-r prosonge phire eso hey shikari baaj.


She is total cool –

No risk, only gain!


Risk nei Keno?

Jhere kaasho to chadu…


Uhu… Uhu…

SWAJAL / TARUN (together, in different tone)

Raam kelani…


Ok, okay!

Mission “boudi”.

Amar pen,

Dadar khata.

No risk!

Total sexy!


Boudi maane?


Boudi maane sister-in-law.

Elder brother’s wife.


Na re Tarun, maane-ta ekhon bodle gechhe.

“Bou” means wife and

“Di” means sister.

So, it’s wife cum sister.

Je kina didi-r mato amar jatno nebe,

Aar amake bou-er mato taar jatno nite debe!



What a meaningful meaning!



You abnormal dogs!


Tar opre abar dada badhyo matal.

Boudi to jothariti signal dichhe…

Jebhabe takay!


Jani na tui kothay ki dekhechhis,

Gram-er modhye phaltu-giri koris na,

Keliye jaabi…


Abar negative energy!

Amar hoye Swajal’ke keliye chup kora…

Aar tarpor khule bal to dekhi…

At that moment, Tulsi slowly comes towards Vikas’s room from the yard. She stops in front of the door. Vikas, after seeing her coming, calmly turns towards her. Swajal too slowly turns towards Tulsi.



I present you…

My ultimate target.

Bou cum didi,

Amar kameshwari ‘bou-di’.


Ai chup kar, janoyar.

Bujhte parbe!


Ghonta bujhte parbe.

Enjoy her beauty!

Speak in English and don’t laugh.


Ohhh… what about me?


You are gonna miss it Tarun,

But I’ll give live commentary,

You, … visualize!

TARUN (artificial sadness)

Okaay… Go ahead.


Look at her beautiful eyes like Aara,

Sexy pinky lips,

Rosy cheeks.

Then big big…

Ear rings, you dirty mind!

Look at her naughty black hair.

You cannot resist yourself to visualize her whole body,

after seeing her belly,

cleverly hidden in the folds of her saree.

Dekhle tor gayer lom khara hoye jeto re Tarun!


Shudhu lom?


Stop it, sadists!

And say something to her.

Swajal smiles and turns towards Vikas; Vikas smiles at her. Tulsi cannot see the complete room and doesn’t guess who else are there inside. She looks at Vikas with affection.



tomader cha-biskut-er songe aar kichhu debo?



Boudi, ami kintu cha khai na.


Thik ache, ami 2 cup cha aar ek gelas dudh anchhi.

tumi dudhe chini khaao?





Boudi, du cup cha kaar jonye?

Apni khaben, amader songe?


Tomra to tin jon?

TARUN (smiles)

hya boudi, amio achhi.

TULSI (towards Tarun)


Tumi khabe na?


Ami to parle coffee khetam boudi,

Kintu, Vikas…



Boudi o iarki marchhe,

Tarun to phone-e kotha bolchhe,

Speaker phone theke awaz aschhe!

TULSI (peeping inside the room)

Ki je koro tomra,

Phone-er modhye theke kotha?

Ekebare asol mone hochhe!

Tulsi, being shy, smiles and leaves the room. All three starts laughing madly as soon Tulsi vanishes from their eye sight.


achha, ai Aara-ta ke?


Samlao eke!

Aara ke??


Kothay thakis tui?

Aishwarya’r meye-re!

kapiye diyechhe…

Ki lagchhilo mairi Akshay-er opposite-e!


Aara, Akshay-er songe!

Bollywood-e sotyi age is no bar…

VIKAS (at Swajal)

osab chaaro Manik,

shudhu balo, Dudu kaabe?


Kochi chona-ta amar,

dudu khaoya ekhono chharo ni?


Aar bolis na,

Cha khai na bollei bhaabe,

Daktar-babu dudh khaabe.

Prathom k’din baron korar chesta korechhilaam,

Aaj kaal haal chhere diyechhi.

Dudh chaar, amanush-er dal!!

Toder lojya kore na?






Erokom ekta soja-sapta mohilar-er sambondhe

Ki sab aje-baaje kotha bole jachhis sei theke!



Uli baba “daktar-babu”!

Shon Vikas,

Toke jene bujhe bhagoban ekhane enechhe.

emon chunku boudi’r

Jibon ki bekar chole jaabe?

Tui bhagoban-er ishara na bujhle

Tor paap laagbe!

VIKAS (smile)

Thik bolechhis,

Rickshaw-baba-o tai bolchhilo.

“apnar ekhane asar ekta jothartho karon ache”.

Vikas aar jaai koruk na keno,

Eto baro paap korte parbe na!

Boudi’r jibon jouban kano-tai

byartho hote debo na.


God will help you,

Insane dogs!


Two neighbourhood kids are playing in the yard of Shibraj’s house. One kid is climbing up on the tree near the main gate, hanging and moving on the branches, and jumping from the tree to save himself. The other kid is trying to touch him from the ground to make him out from the game.

Vikas, in formal dress with leather bag in hand, is coming back from office. He is in deep thinking and looking little tired. He meets Shibraj before entering into his room. Shibraj, wearing a folded white sharee (dhoti) and a shirt, walking in the yard. One cannot make out seeing him that he’s already in a moderate drunken state. But that becomes evident when he speaks.

Tulsi, in a colourful cotton sharee, is brooming the yard with a broom made of sticks of coconut leaves. One end of her saree is tightly stuck inside her saree near waist. She smiles at Vikas before leaving the place completing the brooming.


Ai je Vikas, Office theke?


Hya Shibu’da.


Tomar songe to kothai hoy na thik kore!

Kemon cholchhe tomar hospital?


Cholchhe bhaloi.

Ki bolun to,

Ami ekhaner integrity and honesty level dekhe


Ami bhebechhilam…



Are you indicating corruption?

Nah, amra dharma-palli-r basinda-ra

ekdom corrupted noi.

Ai gram-er sab kichhu sachho, sarol.

Chand-er gaaye daag achhe,

Kintu amader gram-er sikhya bebosthya

Amader daag mukto korechhe rekhechhe,

Ekkebare scars-free!

Eta thik je,

Amader gram-er school

engineer daktar toiri korte pare na.

kintu social values, morality, humanity-er

sikha diye, amader prokito orthye manush hoyar

bhit toiri kore dey!

Aar amader mon-ke kakhono

kalushito hote dey na.

Tulsi brings a mug full of water and cow dung in her hand. She keeps the cow dung on the ground and sprinkles some water on it. Then she spreads the cow dung using her right hand plum after mixing with water. She makes a beautiful round shape on the ground.

Vikas’s eye suddenly falls on Tulsi’s blouse halfway visible in between her waist and hand. He moves his eyes from there.


Hya, tobe ki, amra majhe majhe,

Poristhitir shikar hoye jaai.

Tulsi finishes making the round using the cow dung and water, then moves out of the place.

One mother hen finds out grains/foods for her kids near the boundary wall and training her kids how to find food. A pet dog, lazily lying on the ground, is staring at the hen kids shamelessly.


Ek-matro Jodi,

Amra poristhitir shikar hote chaai!

Asole amra poristhitir dosh diye

Nijeder daag-gulo dhakar chesta kori.

Chesta kori...

(after throwing his hands on air to clean)

…jhere phelar!

(looking at the kids playing on the tree)

Prasad, Topa, sondhye hoye gechhe,

Ebar bari jaao.

Prasad and Topa slowly get down from the tree, stop their play and go back towards their home exiting from the main gate.


Ki baloto, desher sikhya-bebosthay

Humanities, morality, honesty

Esab-er paath missing!

sekhano uchit chaatro-der,

Syllabus-e dhukiye!

Amader gram-er sikhya seikhanei alada,

Choritro gathon ekta baro bepar amader kachhe.


That’s so true!

Education system…


Amader desher k’ta matha-y

Sei gyan-ta ache?

K’ta leader-er sei dura-drishti-ta ache!

Amader Mittir-babu’r mato lok chaai…


Amar ki mone hoy,

Vote-e daranor jonye

Minimum Graduate hoywa

badhyotamulak kore deoya uchit!


Kintu, tate ki hobe?

Education maane to oi academic certificate,

Tai na?

O jogar korte katokhyon?

honesty, morality – esab kotha theke asbe?

Samner manush-take somman kora ke sekhabe?

Eikhanei amader gram-er sikhya bebosthya


It makes us different.

Mitra-babu, taar dal,

Aar amader oi somayer gram-er matha-ra

Onek sadhona aar tyag-er modhye diye

Amader upohar diye gechhen -

ekta system,

ekta somaj,

ekta gram,

jeta kina puropuri khaati…

sadharon manush-er jemon

leader aar system-er opor bhokti thaka dorkar,

thik temni amader neta-dero

jano-sadharon-ke respect kora uchit.

Two kids are walking on the road carrying another kid on their hands (like a ‘palki’).


Se-tai amader gram-e

amra dhore rekhechhi.

Dharma-palli kano din

ku’karmo-ke prosray dey na.

sympathy aar humanity–er naameo noy!

Sedin-o gram-basi Mukku’ke chhareni,

Aar bhobishyat-eo…

Tulsi, wearing a silk/sifon saree (without blouse), comes towards the main gate to show the light of the lamp (prodip) in her hand.

She goes back towards her house after showing the lamp light to the gate and Vikas’s room. She looks at them while going back.


Ki bak-bak korchho?

Ai matro office theke elo,

Oke haat-mukh-ta dhute daao!

Bikash, tumi jaao to,

Nahole ekhaane dariye dariyei…

SHIBRAJ (smile)

Or naam Bikash noy!


TULSI (shy)

Oi holo…

Bikash, tumi jaao to,

Nahole tomar dada…

SHIBRAJ (smile)

Hya, tumi jao hey,

Ektu jiriye naao…

Vikas smiles and goes to his room. Tulsi goes towards her house and Shibraj goes towards the gate.

Couple of girls, wives and kids are filling water in their pots and buckets from the tube well near the crossing. Shibraj slowly walks towards the crossing.


Aunty, in the next house, sitting on a wooden stool (pidi) on their yard, is cleaning the rice using a flat plat made of bamboo (kulo).

Vikas walks in front of that house and enters from the main gate of his paying guest house. Vikas comes back from his home town. He gets milk powder packet for Tulsi.

He keeps the bag in his room and goes towards Tulsi’r room with the powder milk packet. He stops in front of the almost closed door and knocks the door. Tulsi, wearing her sharee little high and stucking one end of her sharee near her waist, is cleaning the walls and roof with a long handle broom standing on a tall wooden stool.

Vikas find her cleaning the walls with her broom with both hands, as soon he opens the door. Vikas’s thirsty eyes don’t stop staring at Tulsi’s naked legs till her knees, her waist, and her blouse. Tulsi quickly tries to cover her waist with one end of her sharee which was stucking near her waist. In hurry, she cannot control her balance and falls down from the stool. Vikas’s reflex helps him to immediately move towards Tulsi and catches her on his arms. Vikas holds her tightly by his arms.  There is no gap between them. Only the broom is placed in between their faces and the milk packet is stuck in the broom sticks.


Ebar to chaaro!


Jodi naa chaari?


Tomar Dada aschhe.


Eto taratari aasbe na,

Saloon-e gechhe!



Tahole, jene-bujhe plan kore asa hoyechhe?

Bari theke kakhon ele?

Ota ki, tomar haate?

Vikas picks up the powder milk packet from the broom sticks, throws the broom out with style, gives the packet in Tulsi’s hand, and then runs his index finger and thumb on her lips and cheeks.


Tomar jonye Kolkata theke niye elaam!

Powder milk… Guro dudh.


Ki dudh? Guro??


Aager din dekhlaam,

dudh kete gechhilo bole

tumi chaa banate parle na!

tai, bhaablam…


Ki bepar?

Khub je darod!

Tulsi suddenly bites on Vikas’s chest and moves out from his arms with a naughty smile.

Tulsi somehow manages to get down from the stool and goes very near to Vikas out of her misbalance.

TULSI (shy smile)

Bab-baa… ekhuni portaam!

Bari theke kakhon ele?

Ota ki, tomar haat-e?

VIKAS (hesitantly unprepared)

Tomar mane tomader jonye, Kolkata theke, niye elam!

Gu…Guro dudh.


Ki dudh? Guro??


Aager din dekhlaam,

dudh kete gechhilo bole

apni chaa banate parlen na!

tai, bhaablaam…

ek chaamoch niye,

maane, garom jale gul-lei,

ekebaare asol dudh…


Tulsi smiles to convey thanks and takes the packet to look at it closely.


Daariye roile keno?


Chaa khaabe,

ai dudh diye banabo?


Naa thaak, ami jaai,

Ready hoye office beroi.


Thik ache,

Tumi eso, ami bhat bere dichhi.

Aar shono, amake apni bolo na!

Tumi-i bhalo…

Vikas looks back towards Tulsi after listening her last word and goes toward his room with a smile expressing agreement. Tulsi continues looking at Vikas with a mild smile on her face.


Tulsi comes to the mela in the neighbouring village with Vikas. They happily walk around together in the mela and enjoy the food, gambling, rides, etc.

Vikas wins a teddy bear in a gambling play and gifts it to Tulsi. Tulsi accepts the teddy bear with great joy.

Vikas, in spite of being busy with Tulsi, doesn’t forget to look around to watch other girls in the mela.

Vikas intentionally and forcefully makes Tulsi agree to take ride in the huge circular ride (nagordola). As soon the ride takes it full speed and comes down from its highest point, Tulsi gets so afraid and uncomfortable, that she tightly holds Vikas’s arm. Vikas continues enjoying the pleasure of the touch of her body in the ride.



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