Corona Kanamachi Challenge

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Reality Survival Challenge

কানামাছি (Blind Fly)

Concept, hosted and created by Sanjib Nath

music Kevin MacLeod

Special thanks Debasmita Chatterjee

Production unit SN Films Performing Arts

A reality game - survival challenge. Winner team gets 1000/- rupees cash prize. Blind folded players have to touch other open eyed players to make them out of the game with the help of partners. This game is to create and spread awareness of how to fight corona virus infection spreading and the importance of social distancing.

Corona virus awareness game

কানামাছি ভোঁ ভোঁ, যাকে পাবি তাকে না ছোঁ


Rajkumar Mahanti

Anjali Choudhary


Aman Verma

Kajal Adhikari


Ajay Kumar Routh

Anju Kushwaha


Anik Das

Sneha Ganguly


Debraj Das

Anjali Das


Bandana Nandi

Rezuwan Mondal



Mukesh Bhakat

Manisha Kumari Ram

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