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Bengali web series: FAMILY

EPISODE 9: দৈন্যের গর্ব (Pride of the poor)


Created by Sanjib Nath




Michael is sitting on bed holding his mobile in hand  and browsing something in it.

Juktamukhi is applying bed time cream and lotions on her face and body sitting on a stool in front of the mirror.


You have a friend in  some film company,

isn't it ?


It's not film company.

It's a production house!


It's same only !


No, it's not at all same.

Film company sounds like

Tea company of 1947.


That's okay.

You can understand what I'm saying, isn't it ?

Actually, someone was asking me...

Can you talk to your friend to get contact of a model ?


Model ! Male or female?


No idea !


For acting or ramp ?

Or, is it for a photoshoot ?


I don't know all these.

You just tell me if you can manage to find one.

Why do you ask thousand questions for everything ?


Can you give me a cream ?


Which cream ?

Regular or for dry skin ?

For face or body?

Anti-aging or regular one ?

Strange !  You won't say anything,

but expect that I'll understand everything by telepathy !


Even I was telling the same...

that, telepathy can't help.

Thousand questions are required to understand everything.


Oh, now I understood.

Why did you suddenly asked for the cream ?

Huh... You were looking for a reason to fight with me !


Don't you feel ashamed to talk

for your crazy logic sense ?


What logic sense ?

Hmmm...  As if your logic sense is superior like a Judge, right ?

What do I know about film and acting,

that, I'll ask you about a model

with all acting, film making, etc readymade data ?

And you ?


What me ?

Did I do a PhD on the cream ?

How shall I know about dry-oily, face-body,

regular-irregular of a cream ?


Why did you ask for cream when you don't know ?

Whole time you're busy on the bed,

with that stupid phone.

And you expect that I'll supply your demand of cream by telepathy !


Are you out of fucking mind

like your brother ?


Don't you dare to use slang !


Ohh, sorry sorry...

It's an insult to your unique brother, comparing with anyone !

Your father had gifted me

such a unique brother-in-law...


Don't dare ! Mind your language...


Oh God, I'm scared !

Why ? What will you do ?

Did you hear your great brother's train journey story ?

He was returning back home

with his Juhi Chawla by train,

and some random guy sits beside them.

And then he started explaining Juhi after initial hi-hello,

that she should ditch stupid Parash

and start dating him !

(Laughing loudly n irritatingly)

Can you imagine?

An unknown guy got to know him at a glance,

that, how uniquely stupid he is !

And, look at your brother's logic sense too...

He is shamelessly telling everyone about his manhood's story.

Such a shameless creature !


Yes, I know about that incident. Parash told me.

What do you think ?

He told you just because he's stupid. Is it ?

You would have understood, if you were capable of thinking...

He loves you.

He thinks you're a well-wisher !

He doesn't understand your dirty politics !

He thinks, you love him,

you care for him.


Parash and Juhi are walking together synchronizing each others steps on a long lane beside a park and they slowly enter inside the park. They sit on a bench with their study materials inside the park. They're conformably talking to each other.


Cool down dear...

She just called me fatty. What's wrong in that ?


And what about the blame of stealing ?


Please don't take your sister's words so seriously !

What did happen if she called me a thief ?

Assume that she's my own sister,

then you wouldn't even mind.

Isn't it ?


I understand everything.

But, they don't.

No one takes me seriously.

JUHI ( Yawning )

It's okay...

Forget it.

I take you seriously,

and you too take me the same way...


that guy told you in the train, in front of me...

Does he think himself very smart ?

Is it called smartness, when one can insult others ?

My brother-in-law too

thinks himself very smart !

He thinks I'm shameless.

My sister loves me...

But, she is very ashamed of me !

She thinks I'll be ashamed in public.

Why shall I be ashamed ?

Shall I be ashamed because I can't insult people ?

Or, because I can't lie to cheat people

wearing stylish clothes ?

JUHI (Consoling smile)

Why so much of anger thinking about few bad people in society ?

Calm down my dear sweet Parash...


Juhi, I'm not talking about bad and selfish people of society.

They're my own people, they're my family.

My father didn't even listen.

My sister listened, but didn't understand.

My brother-in-law listened and understood,

but not to help us.

Just to make fun of me !


It's okay dear...

Take my words, One fine day, everyone will understand us.

They will accept our relation.

I'm confident about it. We'll surely make it happen.


I know,

I trust you, even more than myself.

But I can't tolerate

when someone talks rubbish about you.

Even if that person is my father, sister or brother-in-law !


What happened if they talk rubbish about me ?

They're our guardians,

my would be family...


You know, my brother-in-law tries to make me excited

with his false encouragements.

He says, I should just make you agree

to leave your house and get married in the temple.

He thinks I don't understand anything.

He thinks, I won't understand this much !

He refers me as an uniquely stupid stone.


Let him think you stupid.

However, you're my philosopher's stone.

I know very well, one fine day,

everyone will become gold by your magic touch.

She takes his hands and touches both sides of his palms with her palms. Both become emotional and she puts his hands on her shoulders. He looks at her eyes and starts opposing guessing her next activity. She doesn't listen to him and makes his hands to hold her shoulders and she starts tickling his on his belly. He doesn't take out his hands for protection, but starts laughing like a small baby keeping his hands on her shoulders. She also starts enjoying his smile and joins with him in laughter.


No, juhi no... Don't do it...

No... no...


Why not ?

Why aren't you smiling ?

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