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Bengali web series: FAMILY

EPISODE 2: দিদি (The sister)

His love story becomes complicated just because she yawns a lot.

Created by Sanjib Nath



He enters inside the room and finds his elder sister sitting in front of the dressing table mirror (/ on a couch) keeping quiet.


kire Didi, tui geli na party te?


shuyor-der kakhono

party-te jete dekhechhis?



ki je bolis?

shuyor-der abar party hoy naki?

(visualizing a group of pigs together)

hoteo paare, ke jaane!



ekta manush je eto baro nirbodh

hote paare…


ke didi?

kar kotha bolchhis?

SISTER (crossing her tolerance)

keu na.

tui ki korte esechhis ekhon?

toke bolechhilam na, amra baire berobo.

BROTHER (smiling)

Tuio bolechhili berobo,

Amio bolechhilam asbo na!

Sodh bodh!


Tui ekta moha abodh!

Ki bolchhis bol?


E didi, bolchhilam ki,

Tui baba’ke ektu…



Tor juhi chhara ki r kichhu mathay dhoke na?

Ki jadu korechhe toke,

Oi mutki ta?


Dekh didi, mutki bolbi na!

Tui janis, o kato bhalo?


Se aar jani na?

Aager bar didibhai didibhai kore pirit dekhiye,

Notun eye liner ta gap kore dilo.


Dekh didi, chor bolbi na.

O gap kore ni.


Eksho baar balbo.

Amake na bole niye gelo keno?


Tor smriti chinho bole niye gechhe,

Toke sudhu bolte bhule gechhe.


Okei churi kora bole bhai!

R ami ki morte bosechhilam, je

Smriti chinher jonye eto utawola hoye uthechhilo?

Aayyhh… didibhai, neku!

Toke ki bar-bhai bolbe biyer pare?

BROTHER (visualizing she is calling him bar-bhai)

Bhalobasa-r mulyo dite sekh didi.

Or kotha na hoy chherei dilam,

Amar feelings ta to bujhte par-ti.


Oi to haatir pichhone uchchingri-r mato

Tiring tiring kore beras.

Ki feelings bujhbo tor?


Or songe ami kato bhalo thaki,

Kato sukhe thaki,


Or sango amar kachhe Hate-Story-3

Oi gaan tar mato!

Full masti,

Ekkebare rongin life…



Hate hate hate hate

Don’t hate don’t hate

Koro na koro na

Matha het tomar

Koro na koro na

Matha het tomar

Ki dekhte ki phelbe

Dekhe je amar!

Love love love love

Want love want love

Keno chao keno chao

Sudhu labh er hisab

Keno chao keno chao

Sudhu labh er hisab

Bhalobasa r galpo to jeno

Sartho heen er kitab!

Kalo kalo kalo kalo

Kajla chokh je tomar

Kalo kalo kalo kalo

Kajla chokh je tomar

Na na na na

Na na na na

E kalo je noy se kajol tomar

Raat raat jege jege

Kali porechhe Amar!

Hate hate hate hate

Don’t hate don’t hate

Love love love love

Want love want love

Hate hate hate hate

Don’t hate don’t hate

Love love love love

Want love want love



  1. he tries hard to lift her, finally she lifts him up

  2. the run in slow motion and he falls down on slippery ground

  3. he rides bycicle parallet to her walking and falls on her

  4. she leans on his body and he loses control

  5. she pushes him chest by her leg and he starts caughing

  6. he tries to hold her waist and rotate her, and control balance

  7. she holds his shirt to button off, shirt tears off from back side

  8. she intimately lies on him, his breathless face (due to her weight) is revealed slowly.

  9. He tries to show cowboy style with hat n dresses, holding stick or rope and slanting body n angled leg, n falls on the ground slipping hand.


Amar-o to hate story-r feel-i hoy,

Ghenna-r feel.

Mutki hochhei omni,

Dekh na,

Tor-o to romantic mood-e

hate-story-r-i feel hoy!


Besh, tui thak tor feel niye.

Toke kichchhu korte hobe na amar jonye.

Je amader kotha bhabe,

Amader bhalo chaay,

Takei balbo baba’r songe kotha bolte.


R sei mohanubhab abotar ta ke shuni?


Tor shonar kono dorkar nei.

Amar problem,

Ami bujhe nebo.

Tui thak tor kutil mon niye.

SISTER (about to cry)

Ki bolli?

Kutil mon, amar?

Ekta bairer meyer jonye

Tui eto baro kothata amake bolte parli ?


Khabordar didi,

Juhi ke bairer meye bolbi na.


Besh karbo.

Mutki, chor, bairer meye,

Sab balbo.


Eki Porikhyar pora mukhasto kora peyechhis, je

Sab gist kore eksonge bolchhis?

Tui mukhasto kore jopte thaak,

Ami chollam kalker operation er toiyari korte…

He goes out of the room closing the door. She doesn’t look at him. After a short while she looks at the door. His last sentence resonates in her mind.


Ami chollam kalker operation er toiyari korte…


You better stop day dreamimg.

And listen...

Does your fat ass yawn in your dream too ?


Go to hell.

She thinks for few seconds and dials her husband’s number.

26 comments on “FAMILY EPISODE 2

    1. Prash tar didi k bolechilo babar sathe kotha bolte biyer bepare ,
      ekhane juhi r kotha bola hyche , juhi hoche parash er girlfrind .

    2. Tar Didi k bolechilo baba r sathe kotha bolte tar biyer bepare.. Ekhne juhir Kotha bola hoyeche… Sei meye ti paresh er Gf

    3. Tar didi k bolechhilo babar sathe tar biyer bepare kotha bolte.ekhne juhi r kotha bola hoyeche.meye ti Paras er girlfriend hoi

    4. Prash tar didi k bolechilo tar babar sathe biyer baper re kotha bolte,,, akane juhi kotha bola hoyeche ,,,juhi holo prash r girlfriend.

  1. Ekta bairer meyer jonye tui eto baro kothata amake bolte parli? bolechilo ?
    2.bairer meye bolte ka k bola hoyeche?

    1. 1) thak tui tor kutil on niye ai kotha ta Parash boechilo ter didi k .
      2) Bairer mey bolter aikahne Juhi k bojhano hyche .

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